United Way | Help with Housing
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Help with Housing

We are helping working families to gain an equity stake in their community as first time homebuyers; individuals with disabilities to acquire independence; and older adults to preserve it.

First-Time Homebuyer

Projects we have developed or financed in Allendale, Cliffside Park and Fairview have produced 28 affordable homeownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers who meet HUD low-income requirements. Prices for our condominiums and townhouses are affordably priced. The result is that working families gain equity, foster pride of ownership, and achieve social stability by having a permanent home.

Very Special Homes

We believe that people with developmental disabilities have the right to choose from a full array of housing, lifestyle and support service options. Respect for individual choice is the foundation upon which we build our award winning Very Special Homes©. The extraordinary men and women who live in our special needs housing are living happy, secure and self-sufficient lives in housing they can afford – and with the professional supports they need to thrive in doing so.

Older Adults Housing

We are proud to serve as a catalyst for expanding opportunities for safe and affordable rental housing for older adults. Our housing developments are located in well-connected neighborhoods that can help support successful aging in place. Our goal is to preserve lives of dignity and self-reliance, close to the support of family and friends, and so that older adults may remain an active part of the community.

Your contribution goes straight to work.

Together, we are transforming lives and the future we share. Thank you.