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Leadership & Staff

Tom Toronto

President, Bergen County’s United Way


Tom has 41 years of experience working for local United Ways in Bergen, Burlington, and Hudson counties in New Jersey.

Since 2005, Tom has led Bergen County’s United Way efforts to build homes people can afford in partnership with Madeline Housing Partners as co-manager of BCUW/Madeline Housing Partners LLC. The partnership has constructed 36 projects providing affordable homes to over 500 individuals with special needs, families, seniors, and veterans. Another 26 projects in are in the organization’s pre-development pipeline.

Tom is a board member of the NJ 2-1-1 Partnership, driving implementation of the 2-1-1 helpline on behalf of New Jersey’s local United Ways and New Jersey State Government and the Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey’s Investor Council.

Tom has been active in his local community having served as a member of the Leonia Governing Body, the Leonia Library Board and chair of the town’s Planning Board.

Q & A

Why work in affordable housing?

Looking at the call data from our 211 helpline – it is deeply troubling to see how individuals and families struggle to make ends meet due to the high cost of housing.  Build housing that people can afford means stability, peace of mind – there is nothing like having a place of your own to call home.

You were born and raised in New Jersey.  What has kept you here all these years?

I have not found a Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a scooped out everything bagel anywhere else.

What was your first job?

I delivered The Record when it was an afternoon newspaper. Every day after school I would load the baskets of my Schwinn and race to get the paper to about 60 homes at or before dinnertime.  My tips depended on delivering the paper quickly “while it was news and not history,” as one of my more demanding customers reminded me often.

Peter Arbeiter

Housing Controller

Susan Biegen

Housing Services

Rayann McCallum

Housing Services Coordinator

Patrick Chieffe

Housing Services Coordinator

Michele DeJesus

Flex Fund Coordinator

Carol Lowden


Gina Nicoletti Gilsenan

Chief Development Officer

Donna Palmiotto

Accounting Associate

Karen Queirolo

Accounting Associate

Thomas Stack

Project Coordinator

Sofia Lamberto

Housing Services Coordinator

Heather Liebchen

Community Outreach

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