United Way | Our Misson/Impact
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Our Misson/Impact

We build quality homes that empower individuals and families to live independently and thrive in the communities of their choice.

A Shift in Focus:

In 2005, we made a clear cut shift in focus, to directly address what is arguably New Jersey’s biggest community issue, housing affordability.

In partnership with the Madeline Corporation, we established ourselves as an award winning Non-For-Profit housing developer of independent living opportunities in Northern New Jersey, called Very Special Homes. As an extension of our commitment to housing, our 2-1-1 statewide resource center and Compassion Fund, connect our communities to resources that prevent homelessness and sustain self-sufficiency.

Our Vision:

We believe everyone, regardless of perceived ability, deserves the freedom to make the basic choices that define their lives.

The most basic choice any of us can make is where we choose to live.

Yet, in New Jersey we have a critical shortage of homes people can afford.

This acute lack of housing has contributed to the state carrying one of the highest housing costs in the nation and is restricting the independence of hard working families, aging adults, and individuals with developmental disabilities.

By building more homes we can offer more freedom to choose where we live, more mobility to access decent schools and jobs, and more opportunity to thrive with less of our income spent on the basic necessity of shelter.

Together, we are building homes that empower individuals and families to live independently and thrive in our communities.

How will you help this year?